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1.6 million seafarers work in the world's international merchant fleet. They are lonely people who leave family for months at a time.

They love, hurt and worry just like you and me. When problems or tragedies arise at home, they are helpless to do anything.

Port of Hope Ministries is committed to bringing comfort, encouragement, Godly counsel and the Word of God to these crew crew at a crewman at a time.


Learn more about seafarers and Port of Hope Ministry, and its founder and chaplain. What chaplains do and why we focus on Christian seafarers. Ministry Statement of Faith.


Port of Hope has a unique strategy. Learn why we visit very specific vessels.

Our strategy: We go where we think we're wanted. Then we go and love 'em.


Port of Hope depends on the generous gifts of individuals, churches and businesses. More than 94% of donations directly support our activities.


Do you  get frustrated when you can only contact an organization by email?

We aren't hiding from anyone.

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In print and online...

Seafarers still like to read and Port of Hope's SEAFARER READER is hot stuff. This is a 16-page, professionally printed booklet written specifically for seafarers. It is completely authored by Phil DuFrene, Port of Hope's founder and director.

Along with SEAFARER READER, Phil writes a Facebook page called  ONLINE SEAFARER CHAPLAIN. Each month an article touches on problems affecting seafarers. You can find it by scanning the QR code at the right or clicking on

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