Port of Hope in the USA
Sumas, in the northwest corner of Washington State, is the home and office of Port of Hope Ministries. We serve the tramp freighters that arrive in Anacortes and Bellingham, Washington.

It's also the office in the home, where all the paperwork and ministry supplies are kept and where supplies are gathered and sent to Chaplain Darrio in Guyana.

Sumas is also where the writing is done, the literature is printed, and the ideas are mulled over and planned.

It's where we keep contact with seafarers online through Facebook and WhatsApp. And seafarers who become friends of Port of Hope have an offer for a visit whenever they arrive at any port from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Canada.

Port of Hope Ministries USA serves "tramp freighters." These vessels carry bulk cargo such as grain, natural resources and coal. They're never sure where they'll be sailing after the next port.

Life on a bulker is lonely and boring. They travel slow, often at sea for 25 days. They may sit for days at anchorage waiting for a berth, then a week loading or discharging. At some Third World ports they still load bags of rice by hand...labor is cheap. And many bulker ports are in rural areas. By the way, their favorite US stores are Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

We visit them two or three times, bring free, socks, knit hats, and of course, jelly beans, and leave the  Wi-Fi our on board. And we bring them encouragement and the Word of God.